Hello, welcome to not lots.

This is a repository for my comics, all of which are drawn, coloured and inked by hand.

The initial run of comics entitled: ‘Romuns’, is made up of independent sketches all set in ancient Roman times. There are one or two recurring characters but they can be read in any order without causing difficulties in comprehension.

The subsequent category, ‘The rest of history’, follows the same format as Romuns but, as the name suggests, isn’t constrained to a single period in history. This category is used for any one-off comics.

In 2012 I decided that I would like to start a series of comics with a tangible story line and so began ‘Peregrinations’. This series proved to be a little more time consuming than I initially anticipated, partially due to the larger size (each comic being on A3 rather than A4) so, after a valiant first effort, the updates became less and less frequent and for the past two years the whole thing has been on something of an hiatus. I fully intend to complete the story and whenever I can, I will post more of it. The whole thing is roughed out in story-board form so it is just a matter of finding the time to draw, paint and scan them for you. Feel free to badger me via social media if you would like to see more, I can’t promise anything but it might help spur me back into action.

Thank you for visiting!